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Looking for a Wingsurfwing? Then you've come to the right place! We offer the lowest price, fast delivery and 14 days right of return! Are you just starting with wingfishing or are you already a fanatic? We have a suitable wing for every watersports enthusiast and at a competitive price!

What kind of wing do you need?

Choosing the right wing depends on what you plan to do with it. After all, there are different ways to enjoy winging. Do you want to relax on the water, or do you want to race on the water? Do you want to do radical tricks or just relaxed waveriding. The choice of a wing is partly made by what you intend to do with it.

Why a wing from Cabrinha?

There are several reasons to purchase an inflatable wing from Cabrinha, including:

    • progressive design
      With the Mantis and Crosswing, Cabrinha continuously strives for progressive designs that meet the needs of users.
    • Light weight
      Cabrinha's wings are ultra lightweight. This is achieved by the materials used in the wing but also by the design. Think of the unique design of the strut in the Cabrinha Crosswing.
    • Sturdiness
      There are still some misunderstandings about the strength of an inflatable wing SUP. There is a very advanced technology hidden in the wings. Sometimes you want to make the leading edge thicker and the strut thinner, both need to be stiff. A thinner strut can handle a much higher pressure than a thicker leading edge. Therefore, the Crosswing is inflated loose with the strut at 11 PSI and the thick Leading Edge at 6 PSI, creating a very strong and rigid construction.
    • Optimal price-quality ratio
      Cabrinha wings have a very good price-quality ratio.
    • They are durable products
      Where necessary, the wings have been reinforced. This has created a durable product for a long service life.
    • Equipped with a convenient and spacious storage bag
      Your wing can be easily dried up in the included bag.

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