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Windsurfing helmet

Buy Windsurf Helmet? At Watersporters.com you will find a wide selection of Windsurf Helmets. You already have such a Windsurf helmet from €59,99. With a windsurf helmet, you're heading in the right direction! Safety is an important part of water sports. We at Watersporters.com have realized this ourselves and that's also why we offer a wide range. You can choose from different colors and sizes of helmets. A watersports helmet is what you need when you go on an adventure! The windsurfing helmets are easily adjustable. This of course ensures that more people will fit these helmets.

Windsurfing helmet for ideal protection

Understanding dangers is nothing wrong and only good. Being well prepared on the water is therefore a good idea. Everyone has a fall once in a while and it would be annoying if your head ended up on the water without protection. A helmet protects you and provides that extra bit of safety. This way you can continue your trip shortly after your fall. Watersporters.com also offers other protection. An example is an impact vest. We also offer protection for your gear. Think of waterproof panniers and E-reader covers.

Windsurfing helmet with many advantages

Watersports has a wide range of helmets, brands offered for example are NeilPryde and Mystic. NP's windsurfing helmet is a widely used helmet in water sports. The windsurfing helmet is CE approved according to the EN 1385 standard. The windsurfing helmets offer very good protection to the head. Also, taking it with you is easy, this is because the windsurf helmets are very light. A strap under your head makes it easy to adjust for the ideal fit.

Something for everyone

The Mystic watersports helmet is also a big favorite. The windsurfing helmet has a very strong and especially durable exterior and also a removable interior that is washable. As mentioned earlier, the windsurfing helmets are easily adjustable, so there is a helmet for everyone.

Windsurfing helmet online

Curious about the full windsurf helmet collection or need help looking for one? Take a look at the Watersporters.com site.You can also find our popular windsurf boards here.