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Waterproof earplugs

Do you need earplugs for during sports? At Watersporters.com you can already find good quality Waterproof Earplugs for €29.95. Ordered today is delivered to your home quickly. Listening to music while exercising to keep yourself sharp or just relax? In certain weather conditions, standard earplugs are not enough, they will be broken in no time when you are running in the rain for example. Hence, these waterproof earbuds are a better solution. They are also a better solution for indoor sports, because a common complaint is that standard earbuds break down due to excessive sweating during sports. So this causes the earbuds to still be damaged by moisture. With these waterproof earbuds from Overboard, this is not an issue and you can enjoy your music without worry.

Waterproof earbuds of all conveniences

Overboard's waterproof earbuds have even more positive features than just being 100% waterproof. For example, the sound is very good both above and below water. Also, these waterproof earplugs have the perfect fit. This is because sillicagel ear plugs in sizes S,M and L are included. The neck is also rounded which again contributes to more comfort.

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If you do not already have a phone case to keep your phone dry for when you exercise or travel then this is definitely a product we recommend. Nowadays, most people listen to music on their phones and it would be a shame if you took care of the protection of your earbuds, but your phone soon stops working. If you don't yet have enough storage for when you exercise or travel, please refer to the waterproof backpacks and waterproof travel bags on our site. If you have any further questions about waterproof earbuds or other products or services, we are happy to help.