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Overboard Classic Panier - 17 liters

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Waterproof panniers

Need a Waterproof Bicycle Bag? You can find these at for as little as €48.95. You can find this temporary offer now on our site. When you are cycling, the weather conditions are not always ideal. Still, you don't want your belongings to get damaged. This can be prevented by the waterproof bicycle bag. With a hard bottom plate, an outer weatherproof zipper, elastic side loops for lights and reflective front and side patches, this bag is suitable enough to fight any type of weather. The Fold Seal System also helps protect your gear, this includes the electronically welded seams. Furthermore, the waterproof pannier is easy to clean because it is made of PVC canvas. So this benefits its appearance and contents.

What is included?

The waterproof bicycle bag just mentioned has a capacity of 17 liters and is from the brand Overboard. Also included is a manual to provide you with the further information you need to know about the waterproof bicycle bag. Furthermore, a carabiner is included. This is of course easy to connect different products to the pannier or to another product. This way there is less chance of losing your stuff. By the way, the waterproof pannier can be combined into a set of two panniers that provides a total capacity of 34 liters. So this is what for you if you want more storage capacity. You don't have to go to too much trouble for mounting either. The universal mounting system makes mounting a piece of cake.

Combine with other useful products

We can imagine that not everything fits in your waterproof panniers or that you prefer to have stuff in your pocket. At, this can be realized. So you no longer have to worry about your phone and camera getting water damage. Here we also offer quality covers to protect your phone and camera. Also listening to music in many weather conditions is no problem, this by the earplugs of Overboard.

Buy waterproof bicycle bag?

Are you interested in a waterproof bicycle bag or do you have further questions about the product or delivery? Please contact us. We are at your service and can help you with our experience. offers the same service as in a physical store, only we offer it at great internet prices.