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Wakeboard Boardbag

Need Wakeboard Boardbag for water sports? More than +25 different Wakeboard Boardbags online from brands like Mystic, Jobe and Ronix, among others. What is the right Wakeboard Boardbag for you? Watersports offers a wide range of Wakeboard boardbags. This also in different models for different products from the 2017 and 2018 model years. So check what you want to take with you on your trip and how big the gear is. If you only want to bring your board, just a wakeboard boarsbag for your board is enough. If you want to bring other boards and/or accessories, only a wakeboard board bag is not enough.

Jobe Padded Wakeboard Boardbag

An example out of all the other wakeboard board bags is the Padded Wakeboard Boardbag by Jobe. These wakeboard boardbags come in the color gray. Furthermore, these wakeboard board bags are very spacious and the wakeboard bindings can stay on the wake board. These wakeboard board bags can also be carried as a bag, this because of the sturdy back straps that are made to the wakeboard board bags. Even more space has been thought of, the bag has two compartments. So you can also easily separate your belongings. Also against falls and bumps Jobe has thought of something, namely the foam between the walls. This protects your valuables.

Golf bag boardbags

These board bags have a typical look. It has, as the name suggests, a look to put your golf clubs in. It is not possible to take any kind of luggage or bag on the plane. Some airlines allow you to bring your golf clubs on the plane. Similarly, to take your kites with you, this in turn saves on the cost. Furthermore, it can hold 3 kiteboards or 2 twin tipboards, has several pockets for your accessories and has high quality wheels.

Ordering wakeboard board bags online

Do you have any further questions or need help picking out your wakeboard board bag? Then please contact us. We are happy to give you appropriate advice.