Jobe Victoria 3/2mm Wetsuit Women Blue

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Connelly C Force Towable 2P

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Jobe wakeboard

Are you looking for a Jobe wakeboard, then we have good news for you! namely has a great assortment of Jobe wakeboards and other wakeboard attributes of that brand! This brilliant brand, which operates from the Netherlands, has been a household name among water sports enthusiasts worldwide for years and with a Jobe wakeboard you are guaranteed to make a splash. Jobe is synonymous with quality and they strive to always bring the best products on the market. The team behind Jobe is crazy about water sports and their slogan is: "We want to get you on the water!".

Everything you need

When you think of Jobe, you think of wakeboarding. So you can buy a Jobe wakeboard, but of course they have much more than that! Whether it's impact vest or Jobe wakeboard bindings, they have everything to make your wakeboarding adventure come to fruition.

If you are buying a Jobe wakeboard, it is important that you know a little about what you are going to do with it beforehand. This is because there are differences in a wakeboard that you use behind a boat, or one that you use on a cable. With a cable wakeboard you use different obstacles and a Jobe wakeboard for behind a boat cannot handle this as well!

More than wakeboarding

If you know the Jobe brand a little bit, you know that they do more than just wakeboarding. You have a Jobe wakeboard, but there are other boards they sell as well. Have you ever heard of a kneeboard? This is kind of like a Jobe wakeboard, but you sit on your knees. This is ideal for beginners who haven't quite mastered wakeboarding yet. Jobe also sells so-called "Funtubes. These are a kind of air cushions in all shapes and sizes, with which you are thrown over the water behind a boat. Ideal for when you want to wakeboard but think this is still a little too dangerous for your kids!