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Wakesurf board

For your new wakesurf board, you've come to the right place. We, from watersporters.com, have a wide range of wakesurf boards so you can catch the best wave on a board with the coolest design. In the Netherlands it is almost impossible to catch a natural wave with a surfboard, so catching a wave on a wakesurf board is the ideal alternative! Wakesurf boards are for sale in all different shapes and sizes. It is important that you take a good look at these, before you get going with your new board and let everyone at the waterfront enjoy the fattest tricks!

What is wakesurfing?

There are all kinds of stories about the origins of wakesurfing. Several people and companies claim to have first brought a wakesurf board into the world. The sport involves hanging on a special wakesurf board behind a boat and being pulled by a rope. The idea is for the person on the wakesurf board to reach a certain speed and for the boat to try to make the biggest waves possible. When you let go, you have to try to do fat tricks like the "180 spin" or an "Air. A wakesurf board is kind of a combination of a surfboard and a wakeboard, wider than a wakeboard but a lot smaller than a surfboard.

Order wakesurf board online

Are you an experienced wakeboarder and ready for a new challenge? Then the wakesurf board is really for you! Also if you are a surfer, but don't feel like waiting for summer every year because then you can surf abroad again, you should really try this! We sell the best boards from the best brands like Ronix and Hyperlite so you are assured of a wakesurf board from the best materials. If you do go abroad to surf there, or use your wakesurf board for real waves, then it's always handy to purchase a board bag. This will keep your (new) board safe from scratches and you can travel with peace of mind!