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At watersporters.com you are at the right place if you want to buy a wakeskate board! We have a wide range of wakeskate boards in different price ranges, therefore there is certainly one that suits you. Just like wakeboarding, a wakeskate allows you to go after a cable as well as a boat. With a cable you are pulled across the water on your wakeskate, sometimes at 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. Following a boat is probably familiar to everyone, this is the most popular way to wakeskate.

What is wakeskating?

A wakeskate board is basically a skateboard but for on the water. The board looks like a wakeboard, but on a wakeskate board you are not stuck with bindings. There is a special tape on the top so you still have grip when you put yourself on the water. Therefore it is possible to do other tricks while wakeskating than you are used to while wakeboarding. It is recommended to master this before you start wakeskating. In case you do want to start right away on a wakeskate, start practicing with an 'ollie'. This trick, known from skateboarding, involves making a jump with the wakeskate board.

Wakeskate board online ordering

Order your new wakeskate easily and quickly with us! We have different boards from brands like Jobe and Ronix. These brands stand for quality, so you can be sure that you can safely go on the water.

To get out on the water safely with your new wakeskate board anyway, it is important that you possess some other precautions. For example, it is essential that you wear a helmet, which will prevent you from tearing your eardrums, for example, if you fly off your wakeskate at high speed and crash into the water.