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The latest trend among water sports enthusiasts is exercising by means of a so-called balance board . Is the weather bad? No problem! A balance board is ideal for indoor exercise. These balance boards were originally used for practicing surfing, but it was soon discovered that they are also perfect for practicing wakeboarding, for example. A balance board comes in handy for improving your balance so you can last longer when you get back on the water!

Benefits of a balance board

Using a balance board has several advantages. Apart from the fact that you practice your wakeboarding skills with it, it also has a positive influence on your body and can be used for a work-out. A balance board helps improve your stability, your abdominal and lower back muscles and gives your body more strength. It is also possible to practice all kinds of tricks that you would normally only be able to do on the water. Some balance boards are more suitable for advanced riders, but we mention this for each board. If you buy a balance board from us, you get a free instruction DVD with it, so you can get started even as a beginner.

Different types of Indoboards

Indoboard Original is the most sold balance board in the world. With every balance board of this brand you get roller or cushion, but if you already have them you can of course also buy just a board. There are different types of Indoboards:

  • - Indoboard Original
  • - Indoboard Rocker
  • - Indoboard Kicktail Mini
  • - Indoboard Mini Pro
  • - Indoboard Pro Surf

These balance boards all have their own features. For example, the Indoboard Pro Surf can be used to improve your surfing skills, and the Kicktail Mini looks a bit like a skateboard. The Indoboard Rocker is a balance board that most closely resembles a wakeboard. On this one, therefore, you can practice different tricks such as spins, 180s and ollies.

Of course, if you still prefer to get started outdoors and on real water, you can also take a look at our extensive range of wakeboards.