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Besides kites for adults, of course we also have children's kites! These are the most simple to use so the kids can fly them themselves. A nice children's kite is already available from € 4,99 and easy to order on our webshop! We ensure that the children's kite is delivered to your home as soon as possible and you are entitled to 14 days return.

Types of children's kites

At we have children's kites for both girls and boys. You name it, it's in our assortment. We have kites for children in the shape of butterflies, sharks and even pirate ships! Also have many beautiful strings that blow along in the wind. Special are the kites of the brand HQ. They have kites for children in the shape of a parachute! On the parachute hangs another animal, such as a panda or a piglet. They also have 3D kites in the shape of birds and dinosaurs. No one on the beach will have such a special kite as your daughter or son!
Another fun kite to give the kids hours of fun is the HQ Eddy Kid's Creation kite. This is not just any kite, but one that you can completely design yourself. Inside the box is a Tyvek kite, which is a cross between paper and fabric. Also included are patches of fabric, stickers, felt tip pens and as many as 600 self-adhesive pieces of foam. Perfect for the kids who love crafting and want an original kite.

Ordering a children's kite

Children's kites are often not steerable and float along on the wind. They are really for decoration. Do you want more action while kite flying? Then take a look at our stunt kites! With these kites you can fly even higher and do different tricks. These are generally not suitable for children, but after practice they are fine to use with an adult nearby.