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Set Descending Direction

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Mattress kites are the largest available within the sport of kite flying. So it is also not easy to practice this sport. It is a real challenge. The mattress kite gets its name from the size of the kite. It is also known as power kite or traction kite. They can take a good beating and generally have a long lifespan. With a mattress kite you can achieve high speed on water, as well as on land and in the air.

Types of mattress kites

At, we carry a number of types of mattress kites:

  • 2-line mattress kites
    The 2-line mattress kite is very easy to control. As the name suggests, the kite is controlled by 2 kite lines. These lines are attached to two handles. You hold these in each hand giving you a lot of control over the kite.
  • 3-line mattress kites
    A 3-line mattress kite has a third and extra line. This increases safety. If the pressure of the kite becomes too much, you can disconnect the third line.
  • 4-line mattress kites
    The last mattress kite has two control lines and two brake lines. Compared to the 2-line and 3-line mattress kites, it is easier to maintain control in strong winds and you can make turns faster.

So consider in advance what kind of kite will suit you best. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Buy Mattress Kite

Some well-known and beloved brands we sell are Peter Lynn and HQ. There is a wide variety of colors and patterns. Something for everyone. Should you have found your dream mattress kite it is very simple to order on We use a secure payment system and ensure that your product is delivered to your home very quickly. For questions you can always contact us.