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Peter Lynn Navigator V6 Control Bar

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Peter Lynn Aviator Control Bar


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Quality Peter Lynn kites for you!

Wide selection of A-brand Peter Lynn kites at the lowest price! Now at from only €597,00 with fast delivery! Peter Lynn kites is a Dutch company offering a wide range of extreme sports items. Every day the developers are busy coming up with new products and designs for various water sports. Peter Lynn kites is known for its innovative solutions, passion and enthusiasm.

  • Peter Lynn Escape
  • Peter Lynn Fury
  • Peter Lynn Charger
  • Peter Lynn Swell

Why Peter Lynn kites?

For years, Peter Lynn kites has been one of the major players in the Dutch water sports market. They distinguish themselves with their "honest and no-nonsense products". Their innovative methods in production allow them to guarantee high quality. Peter Lynn kites is an excellent choice for the novice water sportsman as well as an experienced professional. In addition to kites, they also offer kitebars to help you brave the water! It is not necessarily the case that a new line of Peter Lynn kites comes out every year, this is because they only release something when they are sure that it is an improvement over the previous line. An enormous amount of testing is done worldwide to guarantee the quality.

Peter Lynn kites is committed to giving you the best kite experience possible. brings that experience to you, so take a look at our Peter Lynn page in the webshop. has selected the best Peter Lynn kites for you so the latest and highest quality products are always available. In our webshop you can also find all kinds of other products like our cool wetsuits. If you have questions about Peter Lynn kites or any other subject, you can reach us by e-mail or phone.