JP Australia Freestyle Pro 2023


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JP Australia Freestyle Pro 2023

  • JP Windsurfboard Freestyle Pro 2023
  • Brand:JP Australia
  • Available sizes: 85,93,100 & 105
  • Technology: PRO EDITION in Carbon Innegra Technology
  • Features: STYLISH !

JP Australia Windsurfboard Freestyle Pro 2023

Four state of the art freestyle designs in a modern, compact short board shape. Their awesome handling inspires the JP team riders to come up with new moves and a more radical style of sailing all the time. The lively boards are quick to plane with rapid acceleration and these sprint qualities are the prerequisite to perform in the small, limited competition areas. They jump very well which helps to pull-off all the big stunts and double moves. Awesome boards to show your style!

German SURF found that it accelerates powerfully, rides free and fast, and maintains its speed in lulls or when swapping to switch stance and summarizes: The reference regarding pop and sliding double moves offers maximum potential for good riders!

Our riders love the board's high water position and looser ride. The V-flow in the bottom creates enormous elevator underfoot and to achieve high top speed and instant pop.

Features of the JP Australia Windsurfboard Freestyle Pro 2023 by size

JP Freestyle Pro 85

  • Length (CM): 220
  • Width (CM): 60.5
  • Volume (L): 85
  • Weight (KG): 6.4
  • Fins: Freestyle 18.5 (G10) PB
  • Sails: Ideal: <5.0, rec.:<5.4

JP Freestyle Pro 93

  • Length (CM): 220
  • Width (CM): 62
  • Volume (L): 93
  • Weight (KG): 6.5
  • Fins: Freestyle 19.5 (G10) PB
  • Sails: Ideal: <5.2, rec.:<5.8

JP Freestyle Pro 100

  • Length (CM): 220
  • Width (CM): 64.5
  • Volume (L): 100
  • Weight (KG): 6.6
  • Fins: Freestyle 20.5 (G10) PB
  • Sails: Ideal: 4.2-5.4, rec.:4.0-5.8

JP Freestyle Pro 105

  • Length (CM): 221
  • Width (CM): 65
  • Volume (L): 105
  • Weight (KG): 6.8
  • Fins: Freestyle 21.5 (G10) PB
  • Sails: Ideal: 4.8-6.2, rec.:4.8-6.5

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