Cabrinha H-Series front wings

The Cabrinha Fusion Carbon foils are made with performance in mind. Of course, where possible this is optimally combined with functionality....


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Cabrinha H-Series front wings

The Cabrinha Fusion Carbon foils are made with performance in mind. Of course, where possible, this is optimally combined with functionality. The fuselage of these foils is integrated with the front and backwing. Where needed a fuselage extension can be used. For this type of foil several sets of foil-wings are available. Especially the X-series and H-series at the moment. In the future more wings are expected to fit this system.

The H-SERIES High Aspect foil series is the latest offering from Cabrinha's state-of-the-art foil design program in collaboration with Keahi De Aboitiz. The H-Series wings represent the pinnacle of hydrodynamic efficiency and performance while seamlessly integrating with the Cab Fusion Foil system.
The premium shape provides effortless pumping, insane gliding while maintaining an "easy to steer" feel. Whether you use them for winging, kite surfing or foil surfing, rise to the occasion with all the advanced features of the H Series and be prepared for the endless ride ...

The Cabrinha Fusion foil utilizes an advanced Lock-in system with the frontwing fuselage that ensures optimal stability of the entire structure.

Cabrinha Fusion Lockin system

The relief system used by Cabrinha ensures that parts are held in the correct position during assembly.
Cabrinha Fusion relief system
The modular system used ensures that this platform can be further developed over a longer period of time and different wings can be applied to the same mast.
Cabrinha Fusion modular system

Dimensions of the Cabrinha H-Series Frontwings:

Size Surface Aspect Ratio Depth
H650 650 cm^2 7,9 125mm
H800 800 cm^2 9,9 125mm
H1000 1000cm^2 8,1 155mm
H1200 1200cm^2 6,7 185mm

Included with this Cabrinha H-Series frontwings are:

  • frontwing with integrated part of fuselage
  • frontwing guards

Would you like to know more about this Cabrinha H-Series Frontwings? Then feel free to contact our Cabrinha kite and wingsurf specialist.

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